Made of Meaner Stuff

I’m not always a fan of car adverts – often they say too much about too little – but Skoda just do it for me most times. This is the follow up to their ‘Full of lovely stuff’ advert, and shows the meaner side of the new Skoda Fabia VRS.

I love successful follow-up adverts – the BT ads are another example of this – and this one is a great continuation of the Skoda story. I think it all makes for better and more consistent brand buildingand shows a faith in what they’ve already achieved. By following the same thread through a number of adverts companies encourage consumers to recall not one but two adverts, buy-one-get-one-free air-time.

Heres the link to the last one if you’ve not seen the scrumptious looking prequel to Made of Meaner Stuff.

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