Third Sector

I think one of the most cavenous differences in small vs large organistations that I’ve come across is in charity and not-for-profits.

Obviously the small-fry always struggle more than than the big-boys whatever the sector or industry – but at least you can hope to find a niche for your business in industry.

In third sector (and I say this from experience as an ex-employee of one of the small-fry) the case isn’t fitting the niche, ‘coz you aren’t necessarily in a position to give something back. What you need to do is prove you’re worthy of the regular/ one-off/ occasional bit of support from Joe Bloggs who works 40 hours a week for his precious pennies.

Have a look at this – it’s in PR week this week and my opinions on it are totally split.

On the one hand I say “good on you – if you have the means to advertise and get peoples’ attention then you should. The more people you can reach through advertising, the more people you can help.”

From a supporters point of view I say – “stop sending me updates, expensive letters and calling me once a month to beg for more money – I’m already giving you what I think I can afford and I’d rather it wasn’t wasted getting in touch with me.”

From the Point of view of the small-fry in the sector I say, “No money means you develop alternative ways of attracting new supporters. Try a bit of outreach and don’t forget to beg the businesses who could benefit from a bit of a boost to their Corporate Social Responsibility achievments. Spending loads of money isn’t the only way.”

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