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Facebook Places vs FourSquare

I find it a real shame that Four-Square has been trupmed by Facebook Places. I can see a strategy behind Four-Square…advertising, promotion…and a benefit to the user.

But  it just can’t trump showing off to your mates, and the seemingly constant need to update people with your latest movements (from bed to the pub in the case of most of my Facebook friends). At least FourSquare seems to have a point.


If you can use social media then so can we

I was really pleased to read this article in PR Week this morning –

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that various forms of social media have been blamed for helping to grow the London riots that started in Tottenham on 6th August – into five-days of chaos throughout several London Boroughs.

It’s inevitable that popular communication tools are used in this way – social media is just a better way to reach lots of people than word of mouth. So it’s nice to see that the Met Police fought fire with fire.

Social media is part of life and it can be used for good and bad – the same as any other communication tool ever has since the beginning of time.

PR Apprenticeships

I’ve just seen this article in PR Week and I think it’s a really exciting step for the industry.

It’s a thought that almost every graduate has had when it comes to reflecting on the degree years, that ,actually, it could have been a better use of three years to get into a company and work your way up. And here are Shine letting people do just that.