Brand Guidelines

I’m currently in the process of building the above for the company I’m working for and I found this article on Bengilman while carrying out some best practice research.

I think it makes some excellent points – so I thought I’d share it with you.



Third Sector

I think one of the most cavenous differences in small vs large organistations that I’ve come across is in charity and not-for-profits.

Obviously the small-fry always struggle more than than the big-boys whatever the sector or industry – but at least you can hope to find a niche for your business in industry.

In third sector (and I say this from experience as an ex-employee of one of the small-fry) the case isn’t fitting the niche, ‘coz you aren’t necessarily in a position to give something back. What you need to do is prove you’re worthy of the regular/ one-off/ occasional bit of support from Joe Bloggs who works 40 hours a week for his precious pennies.

Have a look at this – it’s in PR week this week and my opinions on it are totally split.

On the one hand I say “good on you – if you have the means to advertise and get peoples’ attention then you should. The more people you can reach through advertising, the more people you can help.”

From a supporters point of view I say – “stop sending me updates, expensive letters and calling me once a month to beg for more money – I’m already giving you what I think I can afford and I’d rather it wasn’t wasted getting in touch with me.”

From the Point of view of the small-fry in the sector I say, “No money means you develop alternative ways of attracting new supporters. Try a bit of outreach and don’t forget to beg the businesses who could benefit from a bit of a boost to their Corporate Social Responsibility achievments. Spending loads of money isn’t the only way.”

More Facebook related news

Seems like the stories just keep on coming for Facebook. It’s already one of the most used (if not THE most used) social networking site in the world, and still they manage to keep people talking.

I can now only think of one member of my entire extended family who doesn’t have a Facebook profile, which just goes to show how widespread they’ve managed to make it.

More Facebook News


Mark Zucherberg’s Fan page Hacked

As some of you who follow My other blog may have seen in a recent post, I was blog-raped – ie. one of my social media accounts was logged into and a post that doesn’t match my outlook or intention was posted.

This, which I found on Mashable, just goes to show even the best of the best aren’t immune.

…and while, of course this is negative, I also can’t help but feel I’ve been hearing insane amounts about Mark Zucherberg and Facebook recently. What’s that saying about all publicity?

By Stan Schroeder, Mashable

26 January 2011 – Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page seems to have been hacked, with the hacker posting a message calling on the company to transform into a “social business.”

The message, seemingly posted on Facebook from Mark Zuckerberg’s account, was quickly removed (together with the fan page), but not quickly enough to go by unnoticed, receiving more than 1,800 “likes” and hundreds of comments in the process.

The message read: “Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus described it? [LINK] What do you think? #hackercup2011″

Facebook made no statement about the incident, but if Zuckerberg’s fan page was indeed hacked, it’s a big deal. If the Facebook CEO (more accurately, the PR team that’s handling the page for him) can’t keep his Facebook account safe from intruders, who can?

We’ve reached out to Facebook about the incident and will update the post when we hear back.


This was the advert that first drew my attention to Thinkbox –

But I love this one too

I always used to be an advert critic when I was growing up – Thinkbox seems to always get it right. Completely to the point, they work out the key message and that’s what they deliver.

So it’s technically not PR

…but it’s a fantastically simple website, and goes to show how efficient interactive marketing can be, even with a basic idea.

Another of my greedy pleasures is music and this is great.

Simple = check

Fun = check

Should be the next big thing = I think so

Don’t forget print

With all the modern PR solutions making waves at the moment (see this article from PR Week for example) it’s easy to forget the value of a good-old-fashioned, well-timed, topical article – yes…in print.

Here’s one of my recent favourites from Cow PR, London: