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Sainsbury’s Tree House (Cake Group) – Love it

It happened a few months ago, but I still absolutely love this idea. I’m all for off-the-wall ideas, the ones that make you sit back and think, ‘that’s genius’ because it’s so unexpected – I think it’s one of the best things and PR company can do to make people sit up and pay attention AND, more importantly, get people talking.

Going on my experiences, if someone told me there was a Sainsbury’s tree house in my local park then I would be down there like a shot. It would be all over facebook in an instant and it would make me remember the message that Sainsbury’s is trying to get across far more effectively than another boring – ‘look how environmentally friendly we are’ – statement.

Cake Group were the masterminds behind this one, built in Hainault Forest, Essex in July 2010.