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Helping to decide where to commit efforts, channelling creativity, connecting the various comms disciplined which must be integrated and interlinked – this is what is crucial to today’s campaigns.

This is a quote that, I think, sums up one of the main difficulties facing people trying to make it in today’s rapidly evolving world of communications.

Taken from Drew Benvie’s blog (managing director, 33 Digital) which you can find here,

I think it goes to show that, no matter what discipline you want to end up in there’s value in gaining as much of a variety of experience as possible.


Your Face Here

I think any piece of Marketing that can be personalised is brilliant.

It first came to my attention when someone sent me a certain interactive advert for Swedish Television licensing – you could basically upload a photo of you (or anyone you like) and watch as you became the hero of the world, praised by TV crews from around the world.

Although the link has now closed (after 45 million views) there is a sequel:

and the advert had paved the way for a number of other thoroughly amusing, and clever, interactive adverts.

Here are two of my recent favourites:

The Future of PR – the brand You

This video was made in 2007 and for the last two minutes advises PR professionals how to start entering the online world of transparency.

Watching the video all I could think is…well yeh, of course… which goes to show how quickly everything’s moving in the world of PR. It’s a demonstration of how important it is to try and stay one step ahead of the game because in 2010 you don’t just need to have uploaded a piece of video to YouTube, you need to have a blog a twitter, a flickr, and everything else in between – the fun thing about it is how much freedom there now is to experiment, to create what you want to create and give it ago. Unless you get it completely wrong it’s only going to reflect well on you.

The point is that you as an individual and a professional, become a transparent, well represented brand.

Clever, clever Barclays

Ok, so it is slightly old news (nearly 10 months now) but this great bit of PR has stuck in my mind ever since I read about it in PR Week (where I’ve taken the article from).

During the height of the recession, when money worries were foremost in the minds of the majority of consumers, the boss of Barclays turned down his bonus. It’s not like banks hadn’t been in the limelight for laying off staff, previously forbidden mergers, loans from the tax payer, so what a genius move to say, ‘No, I don’t want to take this money while consumers are struggling’.

Instant integrity in the eyes of shareholders and tax payers; a boost to the man himself; to the Barclay’s brand and it makes competitors look bad all in the same simple action of shaking your head and releasing a well timed statement.

Other banks, who had already watched their reputation suffer in the public limelight while Barclays stood quietly in the background, were left flailing to follow suit – whether they’d intended to do it all along or not it certainly looks like their hands have been forced by Varley and Diamond’s actions.

Sainsbury’s Tree House (Cake Group) – Love it

It happened a few months ago, but I still absolutely love this idea. I’m all for off-the-wall ideas, the ones that make you sit back and think, ‘that’s genius’ because it’s so unexpected – I think it’s one of the best things and PR company can do to make people sit up and pay attention AND, more importantly, get people talking.

Going on my experiences, if someone told me there was a Sainsbury’s tree house in my local park then I would be down there like a shot. It would be all over facebook in an instant and it would make me remember the message that Sainsbury’s is trying to get across far more effectively than another boring – ‘look how environmentally friendly we are’ – statement.

Cake Group were the masterminds behind this one, built in Hainault Forest, Essex in July 2010.