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Krishnan Guru-Murthy

The man, the legend;

This interview that the channel 4 journalist carried out with PR Week recently is extremely interesting and enlightnening.

His observations on the potential uses of Twitter are really interesting – and a really good point. The whole thing about social media is that they’re tools built up by their users; so who sets all the unwritten rules that make you unsure you can use them in a certain way? I suppose the trick is to try it and see, and forget about the fear of getting it wrong.

But only if it’s your personal account and it’s not going to ruin a reputation.


Well now I want to go to Iceland

I can’t believe that this has been around for nine months and I have only just discovered it.

Tourist boards sit up and pay attention – this is how it’s done (although you’ll have to come up with a different creative idea – otherwise it’ll be obvious you’ve copied).