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Olympus embrace social media

The project is simple – and it’s the simple plans that are always the best. Give 1000 social media users, bloggers and photographers each one of the new Olympus Pen Ready cameras – give them a range of sites and tools that allow them to upload and share the pictures they take and hey presto – word spreads. With 1000 people Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging their pictures – not to mention using instagram – Olympus have reached a much bigger audience of second, third and random connections without it costing more than a camera and the postage.

I first found out about the Olympus Pen Ready Project on Tumblr – where I have a blog for my own fun. I use Tumblr to follow random people – people who post videos and pictures they like – and if I like them too I follow. So while I’m a connection I find myself reading stories from the US, Australia, Japan and the UK. It’s one of my US followees taking part in the project that first alerted me to it.

Olympus have a Pen Ready project blog on Tumblr – but they also utilise Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – they know their audience and they’re using the social media that works for their target and for their product and project.

I think this is a genius campaign that shows Olympus to be in touch with modern technology and a modern audience.

And I’m just keeping my eyes peeled to see when they bring the project over to the UK (HINT HINT).


If you can use social media then so can we

I was really pleased to read this article in PR Week this morning –

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that various forms of social media have been blamed for helping to grow the London riots that started in Tottenham on 6th August – into five-days of chaos throughout several London Boroughs.

It’s inevitable that popular communication tools are used in this way – social media is just a better way to reach lots of people than word of mouth. So it’s nice to see that the Met Police fought fire with fire.

Social media is part of life and it can be used for good and bad – the same as any other communication tool ever has since the beginning of time.